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Common Sanddragon

This summer I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by many large dragonflies while out boating on the lake. This is one such beauty, a common sanddragon, enjoys moving water. Though they are normally found near creeks, streams and small rivers, they also love zooming around, following boats on the lake. Usually, when they land on boats you see them pointing their abdomen strait into the air (usually on very hot days). Don’t worry, they are just trying to cool off! It is in no way a defensive pose, so don’t swing!

Most active in summer and fall months.

The mother skims the waters surface to lay her eggs by dipping her abdomen into the water.

Females are most slender along the abdomen, while males have more of a bulge or flare at the end of their abdomens.

Dragonflies can not sting. They can bite (and it will slightly hurt) but they re not poisonous or dangerous to humans. They are usually just interested in catching the horse flies and mosquitoes flying around you!

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